Every wine is different

Susuro's Nikki Palun in wine holding grapes


We make wines from Italian alternative varieties such as Fiano, Vermentino, Nero d'Avola, Montepulciano and Nebbiolo. We just love their unique flavours, their fascinating mouthfeel and how well they go with everything we love to eat.


Every year the mix and flavours are a bit different depending on experimentations from the previous year. And then there are new grapes and amazing vineyards we come across along the way that we just can’t say no to.


We work with small independent growers who share my passion. Visionary folks who have quietly planted these Italian and Spanish vines well ahead of the curve, often with climate change in mind, as many of them are really well suited to our changing environment.


The grapes are all handpicked and carefully sorted to make sure that only the best grapes get through. From there, it’s all a bit of an adventure really, with each different grape variety asking to be made in a different way. 


Sometimes, we listen to the grapes and let the wines express themselves the way they want, gently guiding them along on their journey.


Other times, we get super excited about a particular style that we have either dreamt up or tried elsewhere and want to play around with.


All the wines are fermented in small batches, either in barrel or open vats. And when we run out of tank space, we make the wines in standalone tubs. Then it’s all about pressing the wines into tanks, racking to barrel, regular topping and other little jobs until the wines are finally ready to be bottled. 


Susuro's Nikki Palun standing on top of wine vat