We love everything about wine

Susuro's winemaker and owner Nikki Palun

Nikki comes from a family of backyard winemakers. Some of her earliest memories were stomping on grapes in a bucket, staring at bubbles in fermentation vessels and crawling under the house to get a bottle of handmade wine for her parents.


She didn’t get into wine immediately after school but instead chose to study Mandarin Chinese and Commerce, which introduced her to the life of travel.


After spending a year travelling in China, Nikki got excited about the big world outside Melbourne and so packed her bags again, bought a guitar and spent the next ten years travelling around the world playing music. 

   Susuro's winemaker and owner Nikki Palun working in winery



However, the bags were immediately packed again as De Bortoli sent her off into Asia and beyond to develop those markets before they really took off. During those years, Nikki realised this passion for wine was not going to go away. So, she enrolled in a winemaking degree at Charles Sturt and started digging out tanks and filling barrels in the Yarra at De Bortoli in between the jet setting. 


Finally, in 2014, it was time to bid farewell to her wine family at De Bortoli and set up her own operation making wine, specializing in Italian grape varieties.


 Susuro racked barrels in winery - Italian varieties