Welcome to the Susuro Wine Club!

It’s your opportunity to build your Susuro Wine collection from vintage to vintage at an exclusive rate and guarantee access to our small batch wines.





Here it is: There’s no membership fee – simply a commitment to purchasing an allocation of two cases of wine each year at a discounted rate. As a member you’ll get 20% off not only your two allocated cases, but also any additional wine you purchase and you’re guaranteed to get different wines with each shipment throughout the year.

The most important thing is you’ll guarantee access to our small batch wines, which are sometimes as small as a single barrel and sell out before they are even released to the public. You’ll get a range of other complimentary goodies too – see below. What’s not to like?





Two cases of wine per year (4 x 6 bottle cases or 2 x 12 bottle cases the choice is yours).

20% DISCOUNT (SAVINGS OF UP TO $200) applied to your two allocated cases, plus any additional wine purchased throughout the year (not on sale).

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to purchase back vintage and large format wine.



Sign up below and commence the magic...